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Inspire Maths:

Inspire MathsAt Sixpenny Handley First School we have just introduced Inspire Maths to all of our children from Year 1 - 4.

This is scheme that moves through 3 stages of learning – Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract and enables the children to learn mathematical concepts thoroughly so they develop a better understanding on maths as a whole. We teach Inspire Maths in separate year groups.

In reception we use Numicon to help children process mathematical skills and also include opportunities for Maths investigation through our play activities.

To find out more visit the Inspire Maths website or see our parent/carer workshop by clicking the link bleow


Inspire Maths Workshop for Parents/Carers - Tuesday 29th January 2019. 

Handout for parents/carers - Tuesday 29th January 2019.

Progression documents:

Addition and Subtraction 
Multiplication and Division
Percentages, Fractions and Decimals 



Latest news:

February 2016: Scorpions have just come back from Cranborne Middle School where they took part in a Challenge morning investigating area and perimeter with other schools in the pyramid.  It was run by the Middle School maths ambassadors.  Well done Scorpions for showing great determination!

We are proud to have received these awards: