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Our Rights Respecting School

Introducing the Rights Respecting Ambassadors at Sixpenny Handley First School...

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 This term we have representatives from years 1-4.  Each of us put ourselves forward in a class election and were successful in being voted for as ambassadors. We are very proud f our important role within the school.  We look forward to welcoming two representatives from our Early Years class in the Spring Term.  We will support the Ladybirds in writing a manifesto and putting themselves forward for election. 

Mrs Hampshire meets with us every Tuesday lunchtime to plan events, discuss issues and talk about what is on our agenda.  

 We have an RRS Action Plan which we follow...you can read our most recent action plan here!  RRS Action Plan 2017-2018.  We also have a copy of our action plan which we use for the school to see up on our display board.  Action Plan for the Children 2017-2018.
We have important aspects of the school to run, such as Fairtrade, and fundraising which we organise events for.  We make sure that everyone understands and remembers how important it is to be part of our Rights Respecting School. 

Next on the Agenda...

Images: christmas elf.jpgChristmas Shoe Box Appeal

We are all very excited to be right n  the middle of collecting and sorting a moutnain of goodies to pack in Christmas Shoe Boxes.  This is a very special event which we support as a school each year and we are very looking forward to seeing how many amazing boxes we can get redy on our special Shoe Box packing day on Monday 20th November!  Our school community are very kind and have donated so many fantastic items to help us work as a team and pack as many boxes as possible.  For more infromatiion on the wonderful and worthwhile cause, take a look at the following website Christmas Box Appeal 

Watch this space...we can't wait to share our Packing Day photos with you and let you know the grand total of Christmas Boxes for 2017!


 Here are some of our most recent projects...

Anti-Bullying Policy

Images: ANti bullying poster.JPGDuring October 2016, the RRS Ambassadors, supported Mrs Hewitt to re write the school Anti Bullying Policy by leading an anti bullying day.  We held a school assmebly where we demonstrated an understanding of bullying and asked the school for their support.  We set them the challenge to complete some art work to share an understanding of our school ethos and also asked them some important questions, such as what is bullying, how can we support you to prevent bullying happening at our school and why do you think we need an anti bullying policy.  The children then went back to classes to answer these questions and produced some super art work.  We had such a good response to our anti-bullying work with children asking if they could design a rap with friends to share their ideas, a song, a dance and we even had some families working on ideas at home and bringing them in to show us.  We used all of the ideas in our next meeting to re write the Anti Bullying policy, which was taken to a Governors meeting and ratified in October 2016.  We created some posters and displayed these around the school to remind others of how important our team work and ideas are and how we can support each other, whilst respecting the rights of all.  
At the beginning of this year (September 2017) we ensured that the next item on our anti bullying agenda was evident in every classroom.  We re launched our worry boxes as 'chatter boxes' to make sure that we are giving everybody a voice and that everybody is being listened to. We have had some good feedback about 'Chatter Boxes' so far!  

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Download: Level 2 Award Report

Sixpenny Handley is a rights respecting school.  We achieved our Level 2 Award.

Article 24: Children have the right to good quality healthcare, to clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment. - Unicef Rights Respecting School




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