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Our Summer term topic is Stone Age to Iron Age and Healthy Me. Children will learn how Britain changed from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, and then into the Iron Age. They will learn about Skara Brae and Stonehenge, as well as the rich historical evidence found at the local Wor Barrow. They will explore different sources of archeological evidence and discover how hunter-gatherers survived in the Stone Age. We will also learn about the digestive system in the human body and why we need bones and muscles!

Our Spring term topic was Rockin' Romans. Children learnt what the Roman Empire in Britain had achieved by AD42 and the power of its army. They learnt about the significance of Boudicca and the legacy of the Roman invasion.

In the Autumn term, our theme was 'Rumble in the Rainforest' where the children looked at locations of rainforests across the globe and how they relate to the equator. They also built on their knowledge about habitats and biomes. 

Reading is a top priority in our learning. The children will have an individual book matched to their reading ability and a library book where they can choose a style/genre of book that they are interested in. In guided reading we teach the reading skills but it is most successful when children practise at home. It is perfectly OK to re-read passages and take opportunities to explore new vocabulary. During the year we will have reading workshops you can attend and please feel free to contact me via the school office if you have any queries about how, what or when to read with your child.

Children are required to bring in their water bottle, sun hat/warm hat and a warm waterproof coat every day. Wellies are to be left in school and taken home at the end of every half term.

Our PE days are on Thursday and Friday. PE kit is required to stay in school throughout the week and will come home on a Friday. 

Our Forest school day is a Monday and children will need to bring in suitable long trousers (joggers) and a waterproof.

If you have any questions or need to contact Mrs Cox, please contact the office at

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Theme Maps to be uploaded each term:

A Rumble in the Jungle :

Theme map (sheet 1)  Theme map (sheet 2)

Rockin' Romans

Useful websites the children can access at home:

Times Table Rock Stars

Spelling Frame

Reading Workshop