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Eco Warriors

Eco photo competition

We are the Eco Warriors and we meet every Friday lunchtime with Mrs Lennard and Mrs Swan. We plan events, discuss issues and talk about what is on our agenda - all with a focus on looking after our planet!

We have our Bronze & Silver Eco Awards and this year we have achieved our Green Flag Award. 

We have an Eco Warriors Action Plan - you can read our most recent action plan here!  

Eco Warriors Action Plan 2019-2020 

We have already taken part in lots of activities to help the environment and look after our animals. We have taken part in the National Bird Watch, left food and drink for our animals in our school grounds, cleaned up our playing field and we continue to recycle. 

We have lots of exciting things planned, starting with revamping our Eco Rap so all our friends know our aims! We will also be recycling more and reducing plastic wastage in our school and encouraging a whole school approach to achieving this. 

Don't forget, that we are still collecting used stamps for WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service), used pens and used printer ink cartridges. 


Eco Club 



Article 15: Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organisations.

                                                                 Developing our outdoor learning spaces.

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We are proud to have received these awards: